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The Halloween Spectacle!

Halloween Spectacle Book

The Halloween Spectacle Book


"The Halloween Spectacle" is available for purchase at in paperback.



Halloween Spectacle Gift Basket & Book

The Halloween  

Spectacle Gift Basket & Book


All items are packed into an adorable classic pumpkin bucket, then put in a gift bag and tied with black & orange ribbons and much more!



Have a Slightly Spooky, Fearfully Funny and FaBOOulous time looking around the site, where you'll find a few treats -- and some tricks as well! Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween, animals and all who help them! So we assemble our baskets to benefit animal shelters and rescues that hold Halloween fundraisers. 

If we can help your rescue, get in touch with us! We'll happily donate one or two directly to you for your fundraiser. If your rescue holds an online raffle, we are happy to ship directly to the winner. (Please note we do NOT run the raffle ourselves.)

Our baskets are full of small Halloween toys that may present a choking hazard to young children. Please be careful!

We are always happy to donate our gift baskets to charitable organizations that hold Halloween fundraisers. (We are especially committed to those that help animals!)

                                                                                                             Lesley J. Hershman



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